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My work has been made possible thanks to the generous support and encouragement of:

The Wellcome Trust
RedRum Films
Tim Payne at KPMG
Sam Roddick & George Parker at Coco de Mer
Poetry Beyond Text (University of Dundee)
Tracy Gentles and Jo Allan at Clod Ensemble
Dr. David Fee at Ambios Ecology
Dr. James Cresswell at University of Exeter
Caspar Gibbon
Johanna Korndorfer CCANW
Ed O’Brien and Radiohead
Susan Derges
Simon Buxton and Kate Shela at The Sacred Trust
Claire Densley at Buckfast Abbey
Lisa Jamieson at Wellcome Collection
Claire Berliner at the The Arvon Foundation
Shonagh Manson at Jerwood Foundation
Meroe Candy at Wellcome Trust
Spacex Studios Exeter
Michael Krage at Krage Designs
Katie Macleod
Justin Weyers and Alexander Tovey at Made Visual Studio

Christopher Cook, Paul Collier, Dr. Sarah Bennett, John Danvers and the Land/ Water Research Group at the University of Plymouth

Special Thanks:

Suzy Willson, Liz Orton, Flora Fernandez Marengo, Sally Meyer, Marcus Vergette, John Burnside, Paul Clark, Chris Clark, Susan Kobrin, Paul and Daphne Shelton, Peggy Shaw, Jonathan Hill, Jane McArdle ,Rose Medlam, Pete Illsey, Tavs Jørgensen, Fan Austin, Ellie Knight, Sophia Clist, Polly Macpherson, Shirley Bebbington, Molly May and Laurie Oscar Shelton Brown.
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