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I read History of Art at Manchester University and have a Masters degree in Fine Art from the University of Plymouth.

My research and practice has a documentary motivation honouring the slow time taken to observe and contemplate the small wonders of the everyday. I primarily use earth-bound materials such as clay, beeswax and paper, in which to embed the intricate complexity of life-stories I find in the world around me.

From 19962002 I was Centre Director of the Arvon Foundation at Totleigh Barton, Devon, programming and delivering an international programme of literary courses and events, whilst pursuing my work as an artist. This experience influenced my practice and it is where I began my first collaboration with the poet and novelist John Burnside (Angels and Animals Maquette Press, 2000).

My recent work reflects on my on-going enquiry into the plight of the honeybee. I am currently making work in response to my observation of beekeeping, bees, and the landscapes and flora that sustain them. I established the Honeyscribe project in 2011, to explore the relationship between bee health, human health, the environment and the arts. The aim of the project is to create dialogue and exchange about bees between scientists, artists, writers, beekeepers, school children and the general public through artistic practice developing new artworks, delivering workshops and curating public events.

In 2011, I taught ceramics at University of Plymouth as an Associate Lecturer in 3D Design. I also work as an Arts Consultant on a range of projects.

Amy Shelton is the Artistic Director of Honeyscribe. For more information please visit copyright Amy Sheldon 2010