Amy Shelton Angel
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Angels and Animals (published by Maquette Press, 2000) is a limited edition book consisting of twelve poems by John Burnside and a series of my own rapid ink drawings.

The sequence of poems animates a seasonal cycle and chain of being from animal to angel, taking the character of Lucretius (a Roman Philosopher/ poet who wrote On the Nature of Things, a meditation on the natural world and mans responsibility to it) as the guiding spirit, with the human capacity to love as a central theme.

I illustrated this book with a series of direct monochromatic ink drawings made with a mapping pen nib, and a bamboo stick. These rapid abbreviated sketches allude to coastlines, hedgerows, and the indeterminate flicks and movements that appear to us in our peripheral vision. The drawings were exhibited at The Glasgow Art Fair in 2001.

copyright Amy Sheldon 2010